The CSRD portal to support the transformation of your organisation
The CSRD, adopted at the end of 2022, significantly impacts the way sustainability information is reported. This will allow a better comparison of the ESG performance between companies. This new directive will also allow sustainability reporting to gain in maturity, to reach gradually the maturity of financial reporting.

Companies must start their CSRD process now in order to meet the ambitious timetable set by the Directive, to get all their stakeholders on board, and to establish the roadmap that will bring their reporting in line with the requirements of the European text.

With this in mind, VPWhite gathered the expertise of its Impact team and the skills of its IT developers to design the Dimension portal.

Dimension helps you to meet the strategic challenge of transparency driven by the European Union and will be your gateway to CSRD success.

Assess, collaborate, plan
  • Easy understanding of the CSRD
  • Completeness of regulatory information and regular updates
  • Traceability of exchanges and supporting documents
  • User-friendly plateform designed to facilitate teamwork
  • Mobilisation and empowerment of the users involved
  • Simplification of the audit process
  • Dynamic view of progress and maturity
  • Definition and follow-up of action plans
  • Optimised preparation of the sustainability report

Key features ready to be deployed to support your reporting organisation

Regulatory Database

All CSRD regulations at the heart of the portal

  • Full regulatory database
  • Facilitated access without cross-references that make the general set of requirements difficult to read: glossary, appendices, footnotes, references to other normative texts, all on the same page
  • Regular updates

Gap Analysis

Prepare the gap analysis exercise

  • Direct access to the ESRS by your organisation, and assignment of teams
  • Deployment of questionnaires in 1 click
  • Easily viewable data points
  • 5 levels of maturity assessment
  • Compilation of supporting documents and comments

Process reporting

Measure your progress

  • Dashboard: completion and maturity levels
  • Dynamic monitoring of questionnaire completion
  • Global and detailed view by ESRSs

Dual assessment methodology

Assess your performance on multiple levels

  • Assessing the gap with the standard
  • Assessing the adequacy with the CSRD requirements

Collaborative action plan

Mobilise your organisation

  • Interaction with the teams in charge
  • Creation of action plans to monitor the organisation's compliance with the CSRD
  • Definition of roles and responsibilities in the roadmap
  • Help in preparing the sustainability report
Support team image

VPWhite support

In addition to access to the portal, we:
  • Support you in your CSRD journey
  • Offer dedicated workshops to get your organisation on board
  • Recommend a roadmap to you
  • and more generally, provide you with all our expertise in sustainability reporting
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