Transformation of ESG Steering Models

The news related to the European Green Deal subjects reporting frameworks to constant evolution, which must be accompanied by a redesign of the processes for collecting and consolidating non-financial data.

Our teams assist you daily in implementing and succeeding in your ESG projects, combining business expertise and digital know-how, change management, and project management.
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Transformation of ESG Steering Models

Definition of the ESG Framework

  • Identify the applicable regulatory and normative framework,
  • Evaluate the maturity level of your organisation.

  • A major French agri-food industry group


    • Incorporate issues specific to CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive),
    • Internal stakeholder training,
    • Gap analysis and action plans.


    • Incorporate issues specific to CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive),
    • Bibliographic study of the documents provided,
    • Analysis of ESRS gaps on a data point level,
    • Workshop for feedback,
    • Traceability, work monitoring, and team onboarding via the Dimension platform,
    • Propose actions to address the gaps.


    • Training of Risk, CSR, and Finance teams on CSRD issues,
    • Recommendations made to improve the overall monitoring scheme,
    • Definition of an adapted software architecture.

    Optimisation of Processes

  • Assess the existing ESG processes,
  • Determine the steps to make them more effective in achieving a target structure.

  • A major French public works company


    • Evaluate the CSR process and provide improvement areas,
    • Audit a potential interface between the CSR tool and the client's internal tools,
    • Analyse the scope of CSR reporting versus financial scope,
    • Advise on a suitable CSR solution.


    • Exchange during workshops and meetings with local contributors and authorities,
    • Map internal tools to assess an interface with a CSR tool,
    • Analyse the application limit of financial data compared to CSR reporting,
    • Compare competing companies on consolidation rules.


    • Three-year support to improve the CSR reporting process,
    • Recommendations made to engage decision-makers,
    • Definition of an adapted software architecture.

    Construction of a Digital Architecture

  • Determine and implement digital responses adapted to ESG challenges.

  • A large international high-tech group


    • Collect and verify "Energy/Climate" data,
    • Ensure pre-regulatory audit verification of data by an external third party,
    • Analyse the scope of CSR reporting versus financial scope,
    • Advise on a suitable CSR solution.


    • Launch, animate, and monitor the "Energy/Climate" data collection campaign,
    • Implement verification processes for a clear presentation of various variations in data, results, and overall trends, facilitating the audit.


    • Regulatory verification completed without observations or reservations,
    • Configuration of result sheets by indicators,
    • Reliability of collected information and improvement of process robustness.

    Our Intervention Scope in the CSRD Implementation Process


    • Determine your key sustainability issues,
    • Identify internal and external stakeholders,
    • Conduct dedicated interviews,
    • Retranslate workshop results into a double materiality matrix.


    • Designate a team of thematic experts and a project steering committee to involve your organization,
    • Collect documentation and justifications related to each directive requirement,
    • Evaluate CSRD requirements at the data point level,
    • Establish the level of adequacy of your organization with CSRD based on a 5-level grading system.


    • Define, based on the Gap Analysis, the priority projects for publishing your first sustainability report,
    • Establish a macro and micro action plan per ESRS (tasks, schedule, level of criticality),
    • Design teams responsible for each topic,
    • Assist in steering and deploying the roadmap. 


    • Strategic analysis of gaps: Mapping CSRD indicators in tools, identifying availability and reliability to comply with CSRD, recommendations to simplify the reporting process.
    • Reporting Structuring: Update of the reporting protocol, adapted indicator sheets, organizational mobilization, formalization of the audit process.
    • Reporting Digitalization: Implementation of adapted tools, specific modules according to challenges (risks, data verification, etc.).

    Our dedicated offers


    Precisely identify the gaps between your company's existing ESG practices and regulatory requirements.
    • Roadmap definition
    • Comprehensive evaluation of datapoints
    • Recommendations for improvements
    • Roadmap definition
    CSRD directive


    Recommend, configure, and adapt a digital solution specifically addressing your needs and ESG challenges.
    • Analyse indicator frameworks
    • Define the architecture of the target tooling adapted to your organisation's context
    • Carry out the implementation of your solution
    • Support your project deployment
    CSRD directive


    To assist you in the administration of your reporting campaigns and in achieving your sustainability goals
    • Define and optimise the processes for data collection, management, and monitoring.
    • Support contributors and validators during campaigns.
    • Configure and optimise your reporting tools to ensure data reliability


    Piloter les phases préparatoires à la mise en oeuvre de la directive CSRD pour mobiliser votre organisation.
    • Regulatory basis
    • Gap Analysis
    • Progress reporting
    • Collaborative action plan
    CSRD directive

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    Their expertise gave us real peace of mind and real strategic recommendations to develop our reporting and meet the ever-increasing requirements. A sustainable collaboration !”
    Pierre-Maxime CATTELAIN
    Responsable RSE chez Bonduelle
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