Put your legal department at the heart of your organisation to increase its efficiency

We support you in your project to digitise your legal processes, making your service a key element of your organisation. Our unique approach means that we can advise you on the definition of your solution and its implementation, so that you have a tailored, robust and secure solution for your organisation.
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Years of expertise


Dedicated experts

Our solution

Bringing unique expertise to the implementation of your solution to give your legal department a new dimension.

Special partnership with Wolters Kluwer Legisway Enterprise

Our in-depth knowledge of Legisway solutions enables us to deploy solutions tailored to your business processes.

Knowledge of legal processes

Our experience and our team of experts enable us to recommend the solution best suited to your needs and constraints.

Technological expertise

More than 25 customers assisted with the installation, updating, maintenance and interfacing of the Legisway Enterprise solution within their organisation.

Tailor-made support

A multi-skilled team of project managers, developers, trainers, consultants and legal experts will provide you with ongoing support.

An offer focused on efficiency

Services built around your needs and your legal challenges to bring all your stakeholders together in a digital solution that is central to your organisation.

Digitalising your legal function

Support the deployment of your digital solution with a robust project organisation tailored to your needs.

Initial project - Integrating your solution

Evolution - Enhancing Existing Systems

Assisting your company with the operational management of your project

Delegate operational activities to facilitate your decision-making and improve the final quality of your project.

Project Management - Consulting

Project Management - Testing

Digitalising all your legal processes in a single solution


Centralise all your documents and make your signature processes more efficient.


Manage and steer all pre-litigation and litigation activity in your organisation.


Manage and monitor accidents involving people, property or equipment. Identify insurance policies and visualise risks.

Intellectual property

Facilitate the filing process and ensure optimal follow-up.

Budget steering

Plan your budget and manage your legal expenses.

Delegation of power

Secure management mandates and provide a framework for your company’s delegations of authority.


Facilitate the identification and mitigation of your risks to ensure regulatory compliance within your organisation.

Legal advice

Streamline communication between the various stakeholders and improve the quality of your service.


Digitally manage the holdings of your companies, view the organisation of your group, active and inactive mandates and agents, and associated mandates.

Our complementary offers

Dedicated to your legal issues


Secure and promote the exchange of data with your various software solutions to position your legal application at the centre of your data ecosystem.

Data recovery

Enrich your solution with your existing data by delegating to us the recovery of your data history within your solution.

Data exploitation

Improve the use of data within your solution to transform your operational data into decision-making information.

Our Sustain Service

Ensuring the Sustainability of Your Digital Solution

Our team of consultants accompanies you daily to ensure the optimal functioning of your digital platform. With VP Sustain, you are guaranteed to evolve within your business solution with peace of mind.