Our offices

Geographic and cultural proximity to enhance our client support

With a team of over 100 collaborators, combining business and technological expertise and spread across 4 countries, we successfully deploy our activities internationally. This scale enhances our ability to understand local specificities while offering comprehensive expertise in digital transformation.

Thanks to our presence in these four countries, we are close to our clients, understanding their distinctive needs and providing personalized support. This geographic diversity and the richness of our teams contribute to shaping a comprehensive and sustainable approach, ensuring operational excellence for our clients in achieving their digital transformation goals.
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Opening of the 1st office in Paris

A true starting point for VPWhite with the opening of our first office in 2006 in Paris, aiming to connect business needs with the digital world and adapting existing digital solutions to the specific needs of our clients.
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Opening of the Lyon office

After several years of developing our business, the opening of this second office in France marks VPWhite's development ambition, always with the same philosophy: to stay in close contact with our clients.
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Opening of the London office

The opening of the London office marks a turning point in our expansion strategy, being our first international office. This initiative reflects VPWhite's commitment to establishing close and lasting relationships with clients and partners worldwide. By establishing a physical presence in London, we aim to strengthen our commitment to the local market and contribute to our growth in the United Kingdom.
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Opening of the Munich office

This new European office emphasizes our strategic approach of proximity to our clients and partners to provide a tailored response to the specific requirements of the local market. By bringing together a diverse and qualified team, we maintain our commitment to staying even closer in supporting our clients.

Opening of the Chicago office

With this opening, VPWhite takes a significant step in strengthening our global presence. Our presence in Chicago allows us to support our North American clients in managing their operational performance and monitoring their activities, and to continue our development in new markets."