Our partners

A synergy oriented towards performance

Their sharp expertise, constant innovation, and commitment to excellence make these collaborations essential levers in the realisation of digital transformation projects. Thanks to these strategic alliances, this synergy allows us to tackle all challenges and deliver increasingly innovative solutions to our clients.

Welcome to the VPWhite ecosystem where technology and business blend with excellence to shape the future.

Our software partners

Integrated software platforms for governance, enterprise risk management and compliance for global orgnisations. We have been the preferred partner for more than 10 years, wsupporting implementation and deployment of their solutions. ENABLON is recognised as a leader in the Verdantix Green Quadrant.

CCH Tagetik goes beyond basic CPM. By aligning financial and operational data within a unified platform, their software solution ensures you have a single, reliable source of information. The outcome: faster financial processes and a comprehensive view of the organization.

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A global provider of EHS software. Cority is recognised as a leading provider of technology to deliver sustainable operational performance to businesses to help them thrive. Cority is recognised as a leader in the Verdantix Green Quadrant.

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Legisway is a leading legal software company specialising in contract management. They joined the Wolters Kluwer group in 2020 to accelerate its growth.

Bringing together technological expertise and best practices derived from the experience of hundreds of clients, Legisway's modular software solutions (Essentials and Enterprise) enhance the efficiency of legal services, strengthen collaboration within the company, and accelerate its growth.

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Intelex is the platform for safe, sustainable, and successful industry, enabling organizations to drive program excellence across EHS, Quality, and Operations towards a zero-harm future for differentiated business advantage.

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Enhesa is partner to multi-national corporations that want to help make the world a better place. Tehy help our clients be true and trustworthy contributing members of society with comprehensive EHS and product compliance intelligence. Equipping them with essential regulatory knowledge on emerging and evolving EHS trends, tehy empower businesses to be relevant and resolute in taking care of the environment, health, and safety of their collective – globally and locally.

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Our business partners

Drawing on a strong and proven expertise in sustainability, Ici&Demain supports clients in their initiatives and CSR strategies, addressing ESG reporting challenges and communication.

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