Digitise your assets and manage their performance​

Centralize all real estate issues in a unique platform.

Connect all your stakeholders to enable the deployment of all your real estate processes.​


+50 million m2

Of managed areas

+50 000

leases managed

+100 000


Our solution

A digital platform to address your real estate challenges, connect stakeholders, collect data, and define your strategy.

  • Comprehend the company's goals and challenges
  • Understand the organization's structure (business, HR, legal, geographical)
  • Compile a list of internal constraints (deadlines, availability, technical requirements)
  • Setting up the project methodology
  • Identify the stakeholders in the digital project
  • Build a detailed timeline with roles and responsibilities
  • Needs analysis workshop
  • Incremental configuration
  • Iterative validation process
  • Validate the data migration scope
  • Share processes and responsibility distribution
  • Provide the target data format
  • Extract and clean source data
  • Import data and perform quality control
  • Integrate new business modules
  • Add new processes
  • Interconnect your platform with third-party systems

Manage your assets with our modular business solution, Vesta

Asset Repository

  • Geographical repository
  • Building typology
  • Legal axis
  • Correspondent network
  • Surfaces and occupancy

  • Data Collection

  • Data collection campaign: occupancy, surfaces, rents, charges, etc.
  • Historization of your asset status on demand
  • Campaign monitoring cockpit
  • Simplified input screen dedicated to real estate correspondents
  • Legal Management

  • Lease management: internal/external lease, sublease, indexations, deadlines
  • Property titles and cadastral surface
  • Contract management : energy, maintainers, construction, etc.
  • Supplier repository
  • Insurance policy management
  • Budget

  • Budget forecast by activity, entity, company, or domain
  • Expense tracking: contracts, rents, charges, works, insurance, etc.
  • Multi-year investment plan
  • Maintenance

  • Equipment Repository
  • Monitoring inspections and intervention requests
  • Curative, predictive, or preventive action plan
  • Establishment of the multi-year maintenance plan
  • Environment / CSRD

  • Tertiary decree,
  • Data collection (Invoices, EDI, supplier APIs, remote reading)
  • Fluid management
  • Counting plan
  • Consumption acquisition
  • Invoices
  • CSRD Directive (ESG)
  • Data for the E indicator
  • Decision-Making

  • Dashboards, Reporting, Interface (BO, etc.)
  • On-demand indicators
  • PowerBI Interface
  • AI document analysis
  • Drive the activity and performance of your real estate portfolio

    Identify your real estate portfolio

    Site & building repository, legal structure, activities, document database, plans...

    Manage your data

    Inspections, leases, deadlines, equipment, interventions, ticketing...

    Collect your data

    Rent, expenses, surfaces, occupancy, energy consumption...

    Aggregate and analyse your data in real time

    By period, lease, building, activity, geography, company...

    Make decisions and drive your strategic initiatives

    Optimize costs, reduce risks, meet CSR commitments, ensure compliance security...

    Our dedicated offers


    Extension, our property performance solution, offers simplified management of your operations and real-time control of your budget planning.

    Our Sustain Service

    Ensuring the Sustainability of Your Digital Solution

    Our team of consultants accompanies you daily to ensure the optimal functioning of your digital platform. With VP Sustain, you are guaranteed to evolve within your business solution with peace of mind.
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