Managing your risks to deal with uncertainty

Have a Governance, Risk and Compliance solution adapted to your organisation, collaborative and scalable.
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Our solution

Deploy a digital solution to map risks and provide a management tool for effective control

A modular solution for improved performance in managing and controlling risk within your organisation

Structuring risk management

Facilitate your risk management and anticipation process.

Deploying a control policy

Monitor the effectiveness of procedures to ensure regulatory compliance.

Customise your audit programme

Automate your audit processes to improve the efficiency of your GRC approach.

Reporting incidents

Identify the causes and analyse the impacts of risks on your organisation.

Manage your action plans

Upload and centralise all your action plans to control your risks.

Modulate your solution according to your objectives

Risk management
Permanent control
Internal control
Internal audit
Incident management
Business continuity plan

Our Sustain Service

Ensuring the Sustainability of Your Digital Solution

Our team of consultants accompanies you daily to ensure the optimal functioning of your digital platform. With VP Sustain, you are guaranteed to evolve within your business solution with peace of mind.
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