Lead implementation of your performance plans by involving all employees.

In an increasingly uncertain environment, agility, and process execution is essential for the implementation of a transformation plan.
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2 Milliards

Performance plans

+1 000

Plans performance

+20 000


Our solution

Have a digital platform to manage the implementation of your business improvement plans.

Manage the operational performance of your organisation with both a quantitative and qualitative approach

Through operational management

  • Identify areas for improvement within your company.
  • Deploy your cost reduction actions by area and scope.
  • Manage your actions in real time, monitor your OPEX / CAPEX in real time and simulate the achievement of your initial or revised objectives.

Through local initiatives

  • Share best practices with all your stakeholders involved in the Performance approach.
  • Make the group’s strategic plans available to all, updated in real time.
  • Enable your managers to create initiatives that are fully integrated into the group strategy.

Our Sustain Service

Ensuring the Sustainability of Your Digital Solution

Our team of consultants accompanies you daily to ensure the optimal functioning of your digital platform. With VP Sustain, you are guaranteed to evolve within your business solution with peace of mind.
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