Our e-learning solutions provide learners with fun and easy-to-follow video courses

What are some benefits of online video courses?

  • Autonomy : your learners can access your courses at any time and from any place that has an internet connection, moving through the course at their own pace
  • See and review : Watch again: once the videos are online, they stay there, available for review if necessary
  • Economy : lighten the load of the administrators support staff. Cost-effective: reduces training costs
  • Customizable : profile, application, modules, actions…
  • Capture on your environment : your courses are unique to your company and your software solution, giving your learners immediate familiarity with the content of the course


  • Initialize – Workshops : Initialize – Workshops, choice of themes, scope, scenes, draft script
  • Design – Joint writing of a detailed script based on the results of the workshops: on-screen actions, animations, voice-over….
  • Build : After validation of the script, video production and editing begins.
  • Validate : Validation of the video and then optional creation of foreign language versions.
  • Deploy : Delivery, online upload
Our offer boxes
1 workshop
1 consultation scripts
1 video back and forth
1 Introductory scene
1 Wrap-up scene
French or English
2 preparation workshops
2 scenarios back and forth
2 videos back and forth
1 Introductory scene
1 main business case scene
1 Wrap-up scene
French or English
New videos in the chosen language(s) :
Dots1 Dots2 SVG SVG

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