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New Offerings

VP & WHITE is expanding its product and service line-up!

VP & WHITE is expanding its field of expertise and developing a number of applications in new areas. These include solutions for improving Purchasing Performance, a collaborative training e-learning solution, and Services offerings based on Supplier Performance and tendering processes.

Working with Enablon, its long-standing partner, VP & WHITE can also provide bespoke solutions to meet your specific needs.

Our Solutions

Plan d'action


The Enablon Purchasing APS (Action Plan & Savings) solution is an end-to-end solution dedicated to Purchasing Performance. It helps Purchasing Managers to:

  • Define actions and their impacts by site
  • Monitor data entry processes in real time
  • Analyse and measure performance

Gestion des Fournisseur


Nowadays, corporate responsibility extends beyond the company’s boundaries to include the whole of the supply chain. Supplier risk is a constant threat and could cause harm at any time to the image or reputation, ethics, security or business continuity of a company. More than ever before, companies need tools to help them measure, manage and improve their sustainable development performance at all levels of the value chain.

Solution sur Mesure


Our consultants’ business and technical expertise enables us within very short timeframes to put in place specific and upgradeable applications that complement ERPs.

VP & WHITE designs reliable and future-proof specific solutions for its customers, underpinned by a structured services organisation, the proven “Agile” project methodology, and years of experience.

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