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To ensure the sustainability of your application solutions, VP & WHITE has developed and strengthened its support services. We have developed a full range of tools to meet our customers’ expectations. At the creation of your support contract with VP & WHITE, your sales contact will inform you of your support referent. While in charge of your application and resolution of your requests, the referent will also be replaced by a “back-up” who will take charge of your request in case of absence. Thus, always be sure that your claims will be dealt with as soon as possible.



Communication platform

The Helpdesk is a communication platform between you and VP&WHITE for all requests concerning the support of your application. The Helpdesk gives you the opportunity to submit and follow your requests in real time. For each created tickets, you can indicate the severity and classification of your request. It also allows you to follow a discussion with your VP&WHITE interlocutor and exchange documents (screenshots, pdf, word) in real time. Any action from your support referent will result in a status update on your request.

To ensure the effectiveness of our support, you will be able to designate two interlocutors authorized to work with the support.

Maintenance Applicative

Application Maintenance

Bug fixes

Application maintenance covers the correction of all anomalies related to the settings and configurations of your applications. Your requests are processed through the Helpdesk and qualified as “anomalies” or “bug”. For anomalies under the Enablon base or its standard features, they are supported by Enablon’s software warranty. VP&WHITE remains your main interlocutor; the requests submitted via our Helpdesk are transferred to Enablon by VP&WHITE and handled with the same process as your other requests.

The application maintenance includes:
– Support and analysis of bug requests
– Fix development
– Internal tests performed by VP & WHITE
– The delivery on UAT environment
– Delivery on production after your validation
Application maintenance is an annual package with unlimited credits. Its cost is defined according to the complexity of your application. In return, any specific anomalies that may occur are corrected.

Maintenance évolutive et support fonctionnel

Progressive maintenance

Evolution of the application

Progressive maintenance can change the way your solution works if necessary and can take several forms. For example, you might add a field on a page, create a new report or manage a new database.
Your requests are made in the same way via VP&WHITE’s Helpdesk but will be subjected to a workload evaluation. According to the request, your referent will indicate the workload planned for the resolution of your demand. For any request whose workload requires more than 0.25 credits, you will have to validate the realization of your request.



Tailored training sessions

We offer to organize in collaboration with your project manager or your central administrator, tailored training sessions.
The training offer includes:
– A preparatory meeting to define the scope and content of the training
– Preparation of the necessary supports: objectives, content and practical exercises
– The visit of a consultant or an instructor within Paris region
Training can be given in French or English. For more languages, please contact us. In order to ensure that training takes place in good conditions, we will need access to a training room, projection tools and an internet connection.

Rencontres Métiers

Business meetings

Around a breakfast

Once a year, our team of business experts and ambassadors will organize a breakfast meeting. The purpose of these meetings is to present you “customer cases” similar to your activity, to discuss our solutions best practices, and to inform you about software new features. These meetings will also allow you to exchange with other business experts. To keep a collaborative spirit, meetings are limited from 8 to 10 participants from different companies.
You will meet VP&WHITE or other business experts, who will give you a different perspective and will present you solutions dedicated to your problem.
Completely integrated in the evolution of your objectives and processes of your sector, our business experts will be full of proposals to optimize your challenges.


Application / business audit

Audit of your solution

To maximize the potential of your applications, we propose an annual audit of your solution in 3 steps:
1 – At first, our internal teams, a business expert, your sales manager and your support referent will analyze your use of the applications.
2 – They will prepare a meeting with you on a half day to discuss on possible areas of improvement.
3 – At the end of this working session, the business expert will give you a series of relevant recommendations.

Audit Technique

Technical audit

Configuration analysis

If you host your Enablon application yourself, we offer to analyze together, once a year, technical configurations and materials of your dedicated installations.

Our IT expert will perform a half-day review of your installation and provide you with a report of recommendations and best practices.


Delegated administration

One-off functional support

To guide you in the daily administration of your solution, we can send one of our employees to work on your site for punctual functional support such as campaign launching, updating of indicators, reports, user management …

Comite Suivi

Monitoring commitee

Assessment of quality of service

Every year, we will propose a monitoring committee to evaluate the quality of our service. We will present a quantitative and qualitative assessment (Number of tickets, SLA compliance, study of the consumption of your contract …).
We will also prepare the next semester by setting together areas of improvement and objectives.


Your environments

Hosting your applications

To allow us to work on your solution without hindering production, we allocate a portion of our servers for hosting these environments.
– Development environment: This environment allows our teams to perform configurations and tests.
– UAT environment: Once the tests are done successfully on your development environment, we will update the UAT environment to allow you to test the evolutions and fixes made.
– Training environment: We can create a training environment that allows you to train your employees independently and safely. This is a copy of your solution and database, allowing you to work on concrete examples.
– Copy of your database: Once a year, we can update your UAT test or training environment with a copy of your production database.

If you want more information, please contact Marc-Antoine Moreau
at 01 78 91 84 95 or by email at mamoreau[at]

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