Real Estate Performance

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M² managed

50 000 +

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Action plans

Centralized platform for managing your property portfolio

The amount of real estate data multiplies as a portfolio grows. Our digital solution will allow you to manage your portfolio and all of its data in an efficient way in order to optimize energy costs, deal with regulatory compliance and improve performance.

  • How can I monitor the compliance of my real estate portfolio?

  • How can I benchmark my real estate costs by site, occupied positions, building type and geographical area?

  • How do I add value to my assets?

  • How can I simply view all the key data of a site?

Centralize all your real estate data on a single platform

  • We offer a web platform dedicated to real estate management

    Secure and open platform, the solution offers a refined management of, and by all stakeholders: control office, maintainer, auditor …

    Our APIs (interfaces) allow you to connect your existing solutions to the platform


  • A Modular & Scalable Solution

    A modular solution: activate what you want when you want

    • Real estate portfolio
    • Regulatory compliance
    • Asset valuation
    • Legal management
    • Incident monitoring and claims
    • Audit
    • Data collection
    • Operations management
    • Action monitoring
    • Real estate master plan

Our modules

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The central functionalities of the VPSOFT platform allow you to structure your real estate repositories.

  • Summary sheet (gathering essential information about your sites and related actions)
  • Mapping to locate all your sites
  • Filters by geographical area, site typology and technical field

The VPSOFT platform allows you to manage all risks related to buildings:

  • Safety, Hygiene and Quality audit
  • Management of non-conformities and associated action plans
  • Asbestos risk
  • Identify your leases and property titles
  • Analyze surface areas and occupancy rates
  • Manage your expenses and financial commitments
  • Create customized questionnaires
  • Deploy campaigns and analyze progress
  • Analyze your audit scores and generate automatic reports
  • Link corrective actions dynamically based on responses to audits
  • Identify incidents, near-misses and accidents on your sites
  • Reporting the claims of your internal and external contributors
  • Generate reports by event type
  • Implementing corrective actions

The Master Plan helps you to plan your Real Estate strategy:

  • Inventory of existing assets
  • Prioritizing your needs
  • Definition of your strategic orientations in the short, medium and long term
  • Project monitoring via your PPI
  • Investments planned, committed

Our partners

  • Bureau Veritas is a world leader and reference in testing, inspection and certification (TICS) services.

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