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Our diverse team of business and technical experts can help you to digitalize your risk prevention processes.

Companies are subject to many health, safety and environmental regulations. The health and safety of workers and the environment are of primary concern.

Industries operating internationally must also comply with different regulations.

Because of these realities, the use of IT tools is indispensable. They make it possible to centralize and track data over time, allowing a business to adapt their approach year after year, making improvements when necessary.

The QHSE Solutions that we integrate are modular and offer functionalities that adapt to your needs.

  • How can we ensure the traceability of past accidents to better prevent them?

  • How to centralize data for better use?

  • How to meet all the legal requirements and anticipate its evolutions?

While QHSE issues can be complex, our solution will help you implement an approach to workplace risk prevention.

  • Stakeholder Engagement & Data Structuring

    Set objectives, decide on the means and define the expected results:

    • Set up a project team
    • Translating the company’s activity into key indicators and control charts
    • Standardize procedures for the entire company
  • Collection and assessment of risk situations

    Use shared methodologies within the company to assess risks and monitor their evolution year after year:

    • Configure the tool to guide the work of contributors
    • Define a clear and precise measure scope
    • Plan evaluations
  • Data utilization and prevention plan implementation

    • Identify the most important risks in order to prioritize the implementation of protective measures
    • Automate the consolidation of data and define an integrated prevention plan

Our offers

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  • Review of near-misses, incidents, accidents
  • Evaluation of the actual and potential impacts
  • Root cause analysis: creation of a complete file with testimonies, photos of the event, cause tree, 5 Whys, etc..
  • Data utilisation : graphs and reports, dashboards by sector, by severity of event, by impact, etc..
  • Definitions of audit questionnaires, security self-assessments
  • Deployment of internal audits
  • Management of inspections and checklists
  • Follow-up of non-conformities and actions
  • Translation of your activity into Homogeneous Exhibition Groups (GEH)
  • Identification of the risks of each GEH
  • Gross risk assessment
  • Evaluation of means of control
  • Residual risk assessment
  • Implementation of action plans
  • Automatic generation of the single document
  • Evaluation review system
  • Product inventories
  • Traceability of Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
  • Risk assessment
  • Production of regulatory documents

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