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Optimizing Operational Performance

A digital solution to launch performance improvement initiatives aimed at reducing costs.

  • How can you support your operational teams in their efforts to reduce costs?

  • How to manage the impacts of cost reductions on your competitiveness programs?

  • How to ensure transparency and shared visibility of your actions?

A collaborative and flexible SaaS solution to overhaul your organization

  • Ensure transparency and visibility of performance plans

    Avoid uncertainties, by securing full transparency of shared and validated data

    Integrate all stakeholders:

    • General management
    • Management of subsidiaries, branches
    • Site manager
    • Owners of shares
    • Business control
    • Finance Department
  • Accelerate feedback and quality of information

    Real-time progress monitoring and savings achievements

    Several management axes available in order to adapt the solution to decentralized organizations (Performance factors, country, business unit, geographical axis, legal entity…)

    Numerous reporting tools to consolidate, analyze and share key information

  • Real-time progress monitoring of savings performance

    Multistep validation workflow that facilitates the secure calculation of savings and their financial validation

    Validation and logging cycles to track progress and corrective actions

    Review previous achievements and view projections of expected future savings


Our offers

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Monitor savings and design action plans for major cost saving opportunities and overall performance improvement.

  • Creating action plans, putting them into action and stimulating cost reductions
  • Task design and schedule management
  • Standard and custom reporting and KPIs

In order to respond more to the needs of our clients, we also offer tailor-made solutions based on our technological platform.

  • Modular and scalable Full SaaS digital platform
  • Mobile Google Flutter
  • Annual updates
  • Quality maintenance
  • Scalable and functional support
  • Hosting and security

Our partners

  • Management consulting firm

  • QHSE, CSR and CRM software publisher

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