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Real Estate Management

Identify your real estate and manage its performance
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Today, real estate strategy requires consideration of multiple financial, legal, operational, and environmental factors. The management of this strategy requires new ways of working with numerous internal departments and external players with a growing need for uniformity of processes and centralisation of key information about the property.

Our digital solution allows you to consolidate all your asset data and connect all your stakeholders to manage your real estate strategy in a unified way.

Connect all your stakeholders in a unique platform with our digital solution Link REM.
Centralise all property issues in a unique platform.
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Benefit from a global vision thanks to a dedicated, modular and scalable solution to reduce your risks and manage your property performance
  • Communicate effectively with all your stakeholders

  • Adapting your real estate strategy to your group’s challenges

  • Compare the performance and risk level of your buildings

  • Enhance your assets and control your costs

  • Implementing a real environmental strategy for your property

Manage your Real Estate with a modular business solution

Real estate repository

Structuring a single property repository by location, activity, business unit, etc.


Manage regulatory or internal obligations, inspection visits, inspection reports and manage the removal of non-conformities

Application management

Report all requests and incidents from your users via an internal ticketing tool


Managing leases, rents and their indexation, charges, occupancy of your buildings


Define key data per building, collect data from your key players

EHS audit

Manage and plan control audits. Monitor non-conformities and manage corrective actions


List and maintain the equipment, both corrective and preventive


Structure and industrialise your CSR data collection processes. Automate the calculation of GHG emissions

Managing performance with a connected solution

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Extension solution

Manage your real estate operations and optimise your budget planning.
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