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Operational performance

Lead implementation of your performance plans by involving all employees.
$2 000 000 000
in savings
+1 000
performance plans
20 000+

In an increasingly uncertain environment, agility, and process execution is essential for the implementation of a transformation plan.

For international organisations, it is essential to be able to rely on local resources to successfully deploy the group’s strategy while being mindful of local challenges.

To achieve this, we have developed our Link PERFO solution, an innovative tool to measure performance and facilitate the execution of your improvement plans.
Manage the ongoing implementation of your improvement plans.
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Have a digital platform to effectively manage the deployment of your strategy
  • Be more agile to change and reinforce organisational resilience

  • Empower local stakeholders to improve the execution of your strategy

  • Facilitate the dissemination of best practices within your organisation

Manage the operational performance of your organisation with both a quantitative and qualitative approach.

Through operational management

Identify areas for improvement within your company.

Deploy your cost reduction actions by area and scope.

Manage your actions in real time, monitor your OPEX / CAPEX in real time and simulate the achievement of your initial or revised objectives.

Through local initiatives

Share best practices with all your stakeholders involved in the Performance approach.

To make the group’s strategic plans available to all and update them in real time.

Enable your managers to create initiatives that are fully integrated into the group strategy.

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