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Connect your legal department to increase efficiency.

We help you empower your legal department as a key stakeholder within your organisation, making the processes more accessible and more secure, whilst allowing you to increase operational performance.

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Our solution

Have an efficient and customisable digital solution to increase the performance of your legal processes

  • Dematerialise and automate your legal processes and documents
  • Free up your time to increase your operational efficiency and control your risks
  • Strengthen collaboration and transparency with other involved services

Connect your legal department with our modular digital solution

Contract management

Centralise all your documents, increase efficiency and productivity in the contract process

Litigation management

Manage and steer all pre-litigation and litigation activity in your organisation

Legal advice

Facilitate communication between the various stakeholders and improve the quality of your legal service

Budget steering

Plan your budget and manage your legal expenses

Administrative Litigation

Simplify the management and monitoring of your administrative disputes

Intellectual property

Facilitate your filing process and ensure optimal follow-up

Delegation of power

Secure management mandates and provide a framework for your company’s delegations of authority


Automate the management of your company’s securities


Facilitate the identification and reduction of your risks to ensure regulatory compliance within your organisation

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Moving forward with peace of mind
Our team of consultants will support you on a daily basis to ensure that your digital platform runs smoothly. With our Sustain offer, you are guaranteed to get the most out of your business solution and to evolve with complete peace of mind.
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