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10 May 2023
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The CSRD, adopted at the end of 2022, significantly impacts the way sustainability information is reported.

This will allow a better comparison of the ESG performance between companies. This new directive will also allow sustainability reporting to gain in maturity, to reach gradually the maturity of financial reporting.

Companies must start their CSRD process now in order to meet the ambitious timetable set by the Directive, to get all their stakeholders on board, and to establish the roadmap that will bring their reporting in line with the requirements of the European text.

Dimension software dashboard

With this in mind, VPWhite gathered the expertise of its Impact team and the skills of its IT developers to design the Dimension portal.

This portal helps you to prepare for the implementation of CSRD in your organisation:

  • Regulatory database
  • Gap Analysis
  • Progress reporting
  • Dual assessment methodology
  • Collaborative action plan

Dimension helps you to meet the strategic challenge of transparency driven by the European Union and will be your gateway to CSRD success.

Discover the key Dimension functionalities that will support your reporting organisation.

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