VPWhite active partnership at 2023 HSE Global Congress Series Europe Frankfurt

9 May 2023
  • Congress
  • Frankfurt
  • HSE
As one of many partners of the HSE Global Series Ratna Morjaria, Senior Strategic Adviser and Louis Starnowski, General Manager, from our London office, attended and actively supported the European session in Frankfurt which took place on the 25-26th April.

Ratna facilitated the Icebreaker sessions engaging the attendees and partners with a one-to-one exercise on day one and a group exercise on day two feeding into a panel session to discuss the Strategic Roles of ESH professionals with Divya Menon from Amazon, Gordon Bedford from Roche, and Frederic Bazin from Ashai.

There is a rapid change in mindset from Executives as ESG becomes a critical part of business today. This has been a topic and a source of data collection for many Environmental, Health and Safety professionals for at least 25 years and now it is at the forefront of accountability. Are the ESH professionals ready for the narrative required from expert to drive businesses to make change for good?

The competencies of ESH professionals have significantly changed over the last decade. We are increasingly becoming more involved in business decisions and driving strategy, which means that the focus on supporting and excelling in our core and behavioural competencies is on a fast-track journey. The role of ESH professionals is to serve and support.

The stakeholders are vast ESH professionals and are now sat at the tables of the board level, executive levels, and managerial levels of many other departments as well as operations and employees. There is generally no budget and no resource therefore the greatest skill must be the courage to transfer this knowledge and passion into the key soft skills which hold the key to influencing and supporting the rapid change upon organisations.

VPWhite closed the conference by continuing to explore these topics in networking session and webinars.

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