CSRD Breakfast: How to move to implementation and mobilise your organisation?

24 April 2023
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  • Ici&Demain
A look back at our latest event organised with our partner Ici&Demain to present to our clients the first results of our analysis of CSRD and its impact on the sustainability reporting.


On April 4th, we had the pleasure of meeting our clients at the Apostrophe (Paris 16 )ème  for a breakfast followed by a presentation by VPWhite’s Impact team and the founders of Ici & Demain  : a privileged moment to discuss the issues addressed by the CSRD directive, its implementation modalities, its scope and its impacts on organisations.

Our conference was also an opportunity to present examples of how the requirements of the Directive have been put into practice, as well as concrete solutions to prepare for the arrival of the final texts of the CSRD, measure the performance of ESG data with regard to the requirements and get their teams on board to strengthen their sustainability practices.

On the program:

  • EFRAG’s standard architecture reading guide,
  • Putting the mandatory topics into perspective for organisations,
  • The timetable and key milestones for the implementation of the CSRD,
  • The impact of dual materiality analysis on sustainability reporting,
  • Our practical solutions to help you get to grips with the CSRD in preparation for 2024.


Many exchanges, testimonies and reactions animated this conference, which made it possible to share questions and provide feedback and pragmatic solutions, such as

  • Raising the awareness of the teams through dedicated training offers,
  • Support for the completion or updating of the dual materiality analysis,
  • The “Dimension” Portal, designed to assess your maturity in relation to CSRD, and your level of compliance with its requirements.

We would like to warmly thank all of our clients for their participation, as well as Elsa Boniface and Pauline Roulleau, our partners from the Ici & Demain agency, who worked to make this event a success.


Pascal FRANCOUAL, Sustainability Director, Impact department – VPWhite, Elsa BONIFACE, Sustainability & CSRD Director, Cofounder – Ici&Demain, Pauline ROULLEAU, Sustainability & CSRD Director, Cofounder – Ici&Demain, Naouël BRUNEAU, Sustainability Manager, Impact department – VPWhite, Camille ARNAUD, Sustainability Manager, Impact department – VPWhite


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