VPWhite takes up the ecological challenge launched by the association Ma Petite Planet!

10 November 2022
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From September 26 to October 17, VPWhite set itself a new goal by participating in the fall edition of the My Little Planet Challenge.

This is a team competition that aims to take up ecological challenges around a common denominator … the Planet! Divided into several teams within 2 leagues, our employees gave their all to accomplish as many challenges as possible to make their respective teams triumph. Well supported by the Ma Petite Planète association and the VPWhite ambassadors, a real emulation was created throughout the challenge, which allowed everyone to rise to the occasion and raise awareness of a cause that is dear to us: acting for the well-being of our planet.

Through this initiative, this challenge has helped to unite our employees towards a common goal. In addition to the fun and competitive nature of the game, our participation reinforced the activity of our environmental approach. The different aspects and subjects related to ecology and tackled during this challenge enabled our participants to increase their skills with a better knowledge of the ins and outs of our way of consuming, our way of life and the many efforts that still need to be made to improve our environment. From a more global point of view, this challenge gave us the opportunity to evaluate our impact on the ecology thanks to the numerous challenges carried out by our employees.

During 3 weeks, the competition raged at VPWhite as our 48 participants successfully completed an impressive number of ecological challenges (755) in favour of the planet, i.e. more than 15 challenges/player on average. A performance that made us aware of our impact, the water savings made, the CO2 emissions and the waste avoided, as shown in the balance sheet below:

This is a challenge that encourages us to further strengthen our environmental approach and to support our employees’ initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint and preserve our planet. Other actions and decisions are underway at VPWhite to reduce our impact and we will keep you informed.

But who is MPP?
It is an association that has been thought as a citizen movement where everyone can contribute according to their time – full time or voluntary, their energy and their skills to the preservation of OUR little planet. Ma Petite Planète (MPP) is a team challenge proposing ecological challenges to be lived between friends, family, colleagues (or classmates for the school version!) during 3 weeks.

The mission of this association? To raise awareness and get as many people as possible to take action to preserve the planet and all living things! MPP has developed a challenge, in the form of a fun and interactive game, which takes place several times a year, whether in schools, universities or companies. The objective: to validate a maximum of bonus challenges in favour of the planet among the 60 proposed and to avoid a maximum of malus challenges among the 20 proposed to win, perhaps, the title of Great Zizou of ecology and best league of the edition!

To find out more about the association ma petite planète, click here