UK Team announcement – Nov 2021

At VP & White our mission is to seek customer satisfaction through excellence, innovation and trust in closer proximity to our clients. To deliver this focused mission we are pleased to announce the opening of our London office. The primary purpose of our new location is to further strengthen, solidify and grow partnerships, attract new clients and evolve our services for the UK market, with a Global view. 

Our vision is to support organisations to truly make change for good with reliable and scalable digital solutions tailored to their needs, with the key output to enable business to optimise their operational performance.  Our teams have experience in CSR/ESG, QHSE, Risk Management, Real Estate, Legal and Operational Performance which underpins the scope, breadth and expertise of the organisation.  

A short introduction to our primary VPs in London: Harry, Emmanuel, Ragavendhar, Jeremy and Louis. A team who are individually and collectively passionate, innovative, always in search of excellence but fundamentally dedicated in helping our partners, clients and other VPs to deliver change for good.

Unlocking solutions to the clients’ challenges in this market being the core driver of the team. Over the next coming weeks, you will hear more from each VP as they share their own experience passion and innovation to start the partnership journey ahead.  


Louis Starnowski, Regional General Manager of VP&White states, “With global visibility on an organisation’s corporate social responsibility, operational performance, management of risks and compliance, it is critical more than ever to have a robust digital solution in place. The opportunity for organisations to digitise their workflows and operations to reduce errors, increase performance and maintain accountability are vast. I am extremely privileged and excited to grow the team here in London to support and expand the UK market. The London office will absolutely strengthen our position to support our existing partners and customers as they continue on their digital journey. Furthermore, I am excited to have the opportunity to work with new partners and customers to launch, grow and evolve their digital strategy.”
  About VP&White : Launched in 2006, VP&White supports global companies and institutions in the digitisation and optimisation of their business processes by offering full web reporting and management tools, for better risk control and improved performance. Thanks to our ecosystem of partners, our expertise by business and by technology, we offer the best reliable and scalable digital solutions on the market tailored to our customers specific needs. Between Paris, Lyon and London, our teams of consultants and experts will support you throughout the lifecycle of projects, in the fields of EHS, GRC, CSR, Legal, Real Estate Performance and Operational Performance..