Long-term support

Our support services are highly personalized and tailored to your needs!
To ensure the durability of your application solutions

Thanks to our dedicated support team, you can rest easy knowing that you’re in good hands. We’re here to ensure the reliability of your solutions throughout their life-cycle.


A Comprehensive support package

Our support packages cover a wide range of services that you can use at your convenience

Some information on our offers:

  • Guarantees optimal software performance and continuity of service in the event of personnel turnover
  • Gives you flexibility to adapt your software as business needs or regulations change
  • Includes regular updates of your platforms and the addition of new functionalities

Continuity in your projects

All of our support offers include a dedicated VP&White contact, who serves as a point person within our internal teams and ensures continuity in your exchanges with us. As a true relay with our internal teams (functional expert, business expert, IT administrator) and publishers, he coordinates all your issues for you.

The support services offered are as follows:

  • Corrective and evolutionary maintenance
  • Functional support
  • Delegated administration of the application
  • Training Services
  • Technical support and security
  • Business utilities to improve data exploitation
  • Monitoring and interface monitoring
  • Software migration
  • Content Management
  • Video training
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