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We offer a digital CSR platform to give you structure and control of your organization's social responsibility policies.

Non-financial reporting is an important foundation of corporate social responsibility policy.

Over the past decade, regulation surrounding non-financial reporting has changed regularly, becoming more extensive and complex, placing ever more pressure on businesses to stay current and ensure they operate within the legal framework.

These complexities demand a reliable, automated approach to monitor a company’s CSR performance. These tools give transparency to the process and simplifies data management.

We support more than 40 customers every year with their environmental and social reporting. We’re there during the data collection process, always searching for more innovative solutions to consolidate the data and deliver it in an easily consumable format.

  • What are the challenges of non-financial reporting? Is my organization subject to an Extra-Financial Performance Statement (Directive 2014/95/EU)?

  • What should my extra-financial reporting contain? What reference frameworks and methodologies should I use according to my challenges?

  • How can I structure and industrialize my data collection process, animate my network and check the information collected?

VP&WHITE assists you in the implementation of a structured and digitalized CSR approach.

  • Establishment of measurement criteria and evaluation processes

    • Creating a list of indicators to measure and report on the impact of particular activities
    • Identify the right procédures in relation to an activity and situation
    • Updating the data collection framework and scope when necessary (regulatory changes, updating of emission factors updates, calculation formulas, etc.)
  • Define and update reporting scope

    • Update user access by profile type (contributors, validators, etc.)
    • Structuring the networks of data collection entities and automating updating
  • Data management reporting processes and controls

    • Set up checks and alerts on data entry to make sure the collected data is as reliable as possible
    • Alternate personnal during the collection campaign to ensure audited results
    • Automate data collection to reduce human error, and collect as close as possible to the operational level
  • Internal audit

    • Automate the data verification process
    • Data validation
    • External audit support

Our solutions

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Our software solutions are based on market-leading technologies (.NET, Enablon), giving you confidence thar your processes will be supported by mature, reliable, secure and scalable technology.

  • A complete solution for reporting, managing and monitoring CSR performance.
  • Simplify reporting, reduce data collection costs, and verify that data via integrated consistency checks and workflow.
  • Easily report information using structured and secure questionnaires.
  • Have reporting and final reports customized to each stakeholder.
  • Customized reporting and final reports for each stakeholder.
  • Control and monitor your energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Collect, monitor and analyse your GHG emissions in compliance with legal targets (by country and zone) and deploy voluntary approaches.
  • Manage multiple measurement protocols.
  • Deploy differentiated emission factors according to countries or operational contexts.
  • Updating protocol of measurement (Ademe, IEA, GHG protocol) .
  • Dedicated modules allow you to automateyour business processes and make them more reliable
  • Develop interfaces both upstream and downstream of your data collection tool
  • Track and improve communication within your network
  • Industrialize and decentralize the  non-financial data verification
  • Automate data calculation and cross-reference it with external repositories (carbon footprint, water and biodiversity)

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