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Control your management and reduce your risks

In light of ever-changing legal regulations and an often unstable business environment, it is important for organizations to improve controls throughout their operation, to evaluate existing risk factors and reduce their potential impact.

  • How can I map and assess my risks?

  • How to measure the effectiveness of the procedures?

  • How do I audit my organisation and manage risks?

  • How to lead a process of continuous improvement in risk management?

VP&White offers web solutions that enable you to identify and assess your risks as well as strengthen your process controls.

  • Structuring and administering CRM repositories

    • Building an Organizational Repository
    • Map your processes and risks
    • Manage your control repositories
  • Leading the deployment of control actions

    • Conduct risk assessment campaigns or controls
    • Audit your processes
    • Check your regulatory compliance
  • Assessing your weaknesses to improve control

    • Measuring anomalies in control procedures
    • Define and monitor corrective actions
    • Initiating and managing areas for improvement

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Set up a global approach to evaluate and review your internal and external risks.

  • Identify all your generic risks
  • Structure your risks by process, entity or business line
  • Define risk matrices and prevention actions
  • Collaborate through a coordinated and secure space
  • Ensuring the traceability of the actions undertaken
  • Configure your KPIs and Dashboards

Monitoring the effectiveness of procedures at all levels of the organization

  • Administering a control repository
  • Create, plan and deploy control campaigns
  • Create, modify and monitor the implementation of action plans following the results of controls
  • Allocate action plans to identified actors
  • Configure analysis reports and monitoring indicators
  • Automate your audit processes
  • Guarantee the reliability of the data and tasks performed by your auditors
  • Create your audit repositories, define your work programs
  • Generate your worksheets, findings, recommendations and action plans
  • View and share your customized audit reports

Ensuring regulatory compliance of your organization

  • Administering a compliance repository related to the organization
  • Automate regulatory compliance processes
  • Monitor and control compliance levels
  • Preparing regulatory compliance reports
  • Implement compliance actions

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